Hungarian PM lets his people down, Aliyev appears liar

Hungarian PM lets his people down, Aliyev appears liar

The chorus slamming Hungary lacked the voice of Russia which claims to be Armenia’s “strategic partner”.

The story with Ramil Safarov’s extradition once again proved the truth: anything can be bought. Petrodollars nullify any moral or even legal considerations. However, the most interesting part began after the jet, with Safarov on board, landed in Baku.

PanARMENIAN.Net - Hungary faced loads of deserved charges. Even Barack Obama “voiced discontent” on the case; meanwhile, the chorus slamming Hungary lacked the voice of Russia which claims to be Armenia’s “strategic partner”... Maybe the reason is that a friend of Vladimir Putin mediated in the extradition case?Hungarian politicians and experts were unanimous in the opinion that Viktor Orbán let down not only the government but the whole Hungarian nation that feels disgraced now. The response of ordinary people is quite predictable, yet it is unclear how a person going for such a decision independently can still maintain his post. According to logic and moral duty, Orbán’s government should have resigned on August 31.

However, putting emotions aside, Orbán just struck a deal to save his country from default and collapse. Who knows, maybe they’d better remain poor and preserve stainless reputation. These 3 bln euros will not save Hungary’s economy, but they worked well to involve Budapest into affairs it had been far way from, in particular, the Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

According to András Rácz, Hungarian expert on EU Foreign and Security Policy, they will now have difficulties in communicating with both Armenians and the Europeans who are shocked by Orbán’s move.

Well, Safarov was not expected to end his life in the Hungarian jail. Some 10 years later he would be extradited to his home country all the same. This was a mere coincidence: Hungary needed money, and Azerbaijan wanted Safarov back. Nothing personal, just business. Business would remain business if it were not for the personality of the released one. Hungary extradited neither a mafia boss nor a tax-dodger, and not even a gun dealer. It released a murderer, whose ultimate goal is assassination of sleeping Armenian. He wouldn’t touch those awake because he wouldn’t survive then. And it was the personality of this slayer that sullied the Hungarian government and, indirectly, its people who actually are not to blame for the mean action of their prime minister.

The trouble of the Armenian side now is its over-emotionality. Suspension of the diplomatic relations was a correct move; the next step should be refusal from meeting Ilham Aliyev and any Azerbaijani officials irrespective of their position. Obviously, Budapest slipped twice: first, when it made the decision and second, when it believed Aliyev. No comments here, perhaps.

However, despite Azerbaijan's euphoria, this story does no credit to either Aliyev or Turkey that backs him. It is no secret that Ankara stands behind all this deal; it organized the talks and specified the sum Ilham Aliyev had to pay. However, reliable sources in Hungary claim the notorious 3 bln euros have so far failed to reach Budapest. Instead, all parliamentary parties demand that Viktor Orbán government should resign.

As to Yerevan's stance, it is time Armenia recognizes the independence of Nagorno Karabakh Republic; it is already obvious that the negotiations within the framework of OSCE Minsk Group will hardly be continued, and no further meetings between presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan will take place.

Karine Ter-Sahakian
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