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Cypriot Armenian Taken Hostage in Iraq Released

PanARMENIAN.Net - January 16 Cypriot Armenian Garabet Jekerjian returned to Nicosia after being held hostage by Iraqi fighters for 130 days. «I hope I will be able to leave it in the past and to start a new life. Thank God, I was able to return home. I would not wish what I experienced even to my enemy,» Jekerjian said. An unknown organization of Iraqi fighters that call themselves Group for spreading good and eliminating evil, kidnapped businessman Garabet Jean Jekerjian August 21 and demanded $1 million for releasing him. G. was released after the New Year and in the words of his family $200 thousand was paid for his release. The Islamic group threatened to kill the Lebanese-Cypriot 41-year-old representative of Jeto Trading Company, which provided food and drinking to «US occupation forces», if the company does not close its activities in Iraq. Fulfilling the demand of the fighters the company stopped activities in the country, reported RFE/RL.
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The group announced that it will commemorate the 104th anniversary of the Armenian genocide with a youth march on April 24 in Nicosia.
The first explosion was reported in a church located in the capital. The other blasts followed within half an hour.
Bernard Arnault's will contribute 200 million euros to help rebuild Notre-Dame cathedral after it was gutted by fire.
The Armenian Foreign Ministry has expressed condolences over the deadly crash of a new Ethiopian Airlines plane.
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