Uber must use only licensed taxi drivers to continue in Moscow

Uber must use only licensed taxi drivers to continue in Moscow

PanARMENIAN.Net - Uber has reached an agreement with Moscow transport officials that gives the e-taxi giant an official green light to continue operating in the Russian capital, VentureBeat said.

The news comes a little over a month after the Moscow Department of Transport (DoT) threatened to ban the American app-based service unless the company agreed to use officially registered taxi drivers and share travel data with local authorities.

In contrast to the way Uber operates in most other cities around the world, the Russian branch of the service won’t allow anyone to sign up as drivers — only those with DoT-licensed cars will be able to drive for the app.

Speaking to local Govorit Moskva radio station last month, DoT head Maxim Liksutov explained why the company needs to take this extra measure: “Unfortunately, federal legislation doesn’t clearly regulate the work of online taxi services. We must sign an additional agreement with the companies,” he said. In other words, DoT is applying its existing legislation to all taxi-style companies, irrespective of the technology they use. Other online cab firms in the region, including Gett and Russia’s very own Yandex, have already signed this agreement, so it seems that authorities aren’t singling out Uber.

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