August 29, 2012 - 17:28 AMT
Armenian family killed in Syria fighting

An Armenian family was killed in Syria fighting in Damascus, Aztag daily correspondent reported from Syria’s capital.

The dead bodies of the six members of the family were discovered Wednesday, Aug 29 in a mosque. In conversation with the founder of “Outreach to Syrian Armenians” Facebook page Anahit Adamyan, sources in Damascus neither confirmed, nor denied the information over lack of identity verification.

Three Armenians were killed under unknown circumstances Tuesday evening in an Armenian neighborhood of the Syrian capital, Damascus,

The victims were identified as Bedros Mattosian, 49. Kevork Matossian, 46, and 22-year-old Levon Bedros Matossian.

As Syrian Armenians told Ms. Adamyan by phone, the dead bodies were still in Damascus streets due to ongoing battles.