December 24, 2012 - 12:03 AMT
Google doodle marks start of holiday season

December 24, Christmas Eve, marks the beginning of the holiday season in many countries of the world and Google is wishing its users "Happy Holidays" with a colorful doodle, IBN Live says.

The 2012 Happy Holidays doodle on the Google homepage features a parade of toys, some of whom are playing different musical instruments. The grand master leading the parade is welcoming the festive season. The letters of the word Google are seen in the backdrop.

Google has been wishing its users with a pre-Christmas doodle for over 10 years now. In 2011, Google happy holidays doodle was made up of lit up holiday symbols - snowflake, Santa Claus, bell, snowman, candle and a gift box - on a dark background, symbolizing the night sky. The Google logo appeared as a faint outline behind the holiday icons.

In 2010, Google has put up a doodle of interactive portraits of holiday scenes from around the world.

Before 2010, Google used multiple doodles for the holiday season.