April 27, 2015 - 09:44 AMT
Oscar-nommed Hailee Steinfeld in new "Barely Lethal" comedy trailer

A new trailer for "Barely Lethal" arrives, giving more sneak peek at the movie. Hailee Steinfeld plays a teen girl who fakes her death to live as a normal high schooler. She is pulled back into her old life when she is caught on camera showing off her karate chops in a so-called "Mascot Meltdown" during a football game, AceShowbiz reports.

In the movie which is a cross between James Bond and Mean Girls, Steinfeld's Megan Walsh is raised at a boarding school that trains children to be assassins. She has a quirky sense of humor but is clueless about normal life, so when she relocates to a small rural town she discovers dealing with high school is just as hard.

Jessica Alba, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sophie Turner are among the cast members. The film will make its debut on DirecTV April 30 before getting VOD and theatrical release on May 29.

"It was so crazy to go and do something like 'Barely Lethal' where all the lead actors, other than Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba, were under 22," Turner told ComingSoon. "We were so immature and so crazy and had so much fun. We had this director as well called Kyle Newman, who is like a big kid himself. It was crazy but we had a really great time."