May 21, 2015 - 15:16 AMT
LG unveils a super-thin OLED TV that attaches to the wall with magnets

Just a few days ago in Korea, LG unveiled a 55-inch organic LED television that weighs just over four pounds and is less than a millimeter thick. Dubbed “wallpaper” TV, the piece of equipment adheres to the surface by way of a magnet attached to the wall. At this point, this is just a proof-of-concept showing, but the potential here is pretty cool, Geek reports.

The OLED process is currently super expensive, resulting in a 4K 65-inch version selling for $9,000. That’s because the process isn’t always successful, meaning that too many of the produced screens don’t work. But, according to the company, they have made several breakthroughs in this arena that will bring about an 80% yield and potentially lower costs.

With the rapid transition from LCD to plasma to LED and now OLED, we’re racing towards a world of incredibly thin, lightweight screens that can be attached to just about any surface. One of the reasons OLED is considered the future is because the organic compound involved in production puts off its own light, which means the traditional element of backlighting is no longer necessary.

“While LG has yet to announce plans to sell the wallpaper television, it’s fascinating to think about how these kinds of screens will change the way we watch television — or at least organize our rooms for optimal watching — and also wonder what will come out after this in an effort to top it. Here’s hoping everyone runs with the wallpaper idea so we can just fully cover our walls with massive screens,” Geek said.