July 14, 2015 - 18:09 AMT
Marseilles, Yerevan to cooperate more intensively, Mayor says

Accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Marseilles, Didier Parakian and French MP Valérie Boyer, the delegation led by Yerevan Mayor Taron Margaryan visited the Armenian Genocide memorial in Beaumont district of Marseilles and paid tribute to the memory of the Genocide victims.

Boyer later mentioned that the memorial stands out not only as an architectural building, but also as a unique historical guide for the Armenian community and the people of Marseilles.

Mayor Margaryan was also escorted to the plaque, honoring the memory of Armenian mothers, who survived the 1915 Genocide, and their descendants.

Participating in the Bastille Day celebrations in Marseilles, Margaryan met with Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin, who emphasized the Armenian community’s role in the development of the city. He expressed confidence that Marseilles is a kind of hometown for French-Armenians, as it was the first city where Western Armenians fled to.

Margaryan, in turn, noted that relations between the two countries, especially those between Marseilles and Yerevan will develop more intensively thanks to the efforts of the local Armenian community.