March 2, 2016 - 13:22 AMT
Saudi cleric on IS assassination list shot in Philippines

A renowned Saudi Arabian cleric on the Islamic State's assassination list was shot and wounded in southern Philippines after delivering a speech to Muslim preachers, police said, according to International Business Times.

Ayed al Qarni was shot by a man who had attended his lecture in Zamboanga City Tuesday, March 1 evening, police spokeswoman Helen Galvez told International Business Times. He sustained three gunshot wounds to his chest, arm and body.

Turki Assaegh, a member of al Qarni's entourage who works at the Saudi embassy in Manila, was also wounded in the attack. Police said both men were treated at a local hospital before they were flown back to Manila, where they were said to be out of danger.

While Al Qarni is not employed by the state, he enjoys the backing of the government, which sent a plane to evacuate him to Manila, police said.

The gunman was immediately killed by al Qarni's security escorts. Two men, described to be in their 30s, were later arrested in a follow up operation.

"Security remains tight, and we are investigating the motive of the shooting," Galvez told IBT.

Photo. Reuters