August 22, 2016 - 12:03 AMT
EU helps Armenian, Georgian businesses improve communication

The Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme (EaPTC) provided training on PR and marketing activities in the framework of the Cross-Border Economic Development Project for business partners from the neighboring regions in Kachreti, Georgia on August 16-17.

This practical event presented solutions for increasing efficiency of interaction between business entities of Kvemo Kartli (Georgia) and Tavush (Armenia) regions. Participants learnt the basic instruments of PR and marketing in a cross-border landscape that features linguistic diversity, limited consumer capacity and diverging national regulatory frameworks.

The Cross-Border Economic Development project aims to improve living conditions of the bordering communities in the Kvemo Kartli and Tavush provinces and strengthen their cross-border potential, primarily in the field of agriculture.

Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Programme facilitates sustainable territorial cooperation between border regions to benefit their social and economic development through strengthening cross-border contacts between local authorities, communities and civil society organizations for the development of joint solutions to common social and economic challenges.