March 24, 2017 - 17:29 AMT
More than 60% of Armenians familiar with election programs: Gallup

More than 60% of Armenian voters are familiar with the election programs of parties or blocs running for seats at the National Assembly, Gallup International Association said on Friday, March 24, citing the results of its latest opinion poll.

In response to a question on whether they are familiar with the programs, 63.8% of respondents gave a positive reply, while 36.2% answered negatively.

1145 people were surveyed throughout Armenia during the first 15 days of election campaigns.

At the top of the list of sources is television, cited by 81.9% of those who know about election programs. Other streams of information include leaflets (30.6%), Facebook (20%), campaign meetings (16.9%), mass media (7%), posters (5.3%), outdoor advertising (4.3%), radio (3.6%), party websites (1%) and other means (4.8%).

Also, the poll found out that around 83% of Armenian voters would like to see prime minister Karen Karapetyan in his post after elections to the National Assembly, slated for April 2.

Nine parties and blocs running for seats at the National Assembly have already launched campaigns.