April 2, 2017 - 22:15 AMT
Thousands cast ballots at Armenia detention facilities, hospitals

1354 prisoners and convicts out of the 1483 eligible voters held in Armenian detention facilities participated in elections to the National Assembly on Sunday, April 2, a top official from the justice ministry, Hayk Kochinyan told reporters.

A health ministry official, Vahe Hakobyan said, in turn, that 2127 citizens receiving treatment in various medical institutions were eligible to vote at the elections.

Hakobyan added, however, that the exact number of those who did cast ballots will be provided after summing up the results, Panorama.am reports.

Polls in Armenia to elect members of parliament in the first vote after the referendum on constitutional amendments closed at 8:00 pm.

According to preliminary data provided by the Central Electoral Commission, 1,574,947 out of 2,557,706 (60.86%) eligible voters cast ballots Sunday.

Nine political forces, including 4 blocs and 5 parties were running for seats at the National Assembly.