September 2, 2017 - 14:20 AMT
Samsung readying Galaxy S9 for January launch

The Galaxy S8 series was revealed in March, with global sales kicking off a month later. According to a new report, things might be quite different when it comes to the Galaxy S9, as Samsung plan on speeding things up a bit, Android Authority reveals.

The report on The Bell claims that Samsung will take the wraps off its next flagship devices a lot earlier than expected, in January to be more exact. The smartphones will then likely go on sale sometime in February, two months sooner than the current Galaxy S lineup.

This info is based on rumors that Samsung Display will start shipping OLED panels for the upcoming devices to the company in November, which are, as the report claims, normally shipped two to three months before the assembly of the devices is expected to begin.

The displays for the Galaxy S8 series were supplied in January, and the smartphones were then announced two months later.