September 7, 2017 - 14:58 AMT
Armenians not really into volunteering or making donations: report

A new report suggests Armenians aren't really fond of helping a stranger, volunteering time, or giving money to a good cause.

Britain-based Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) has compiled its annual World Giving Index, according to which Indonesia topped the table for volunteering with a participation rate of 55%, while Armenia ranked bottom with a participation rate of just 4%.

The Charities Aid Foundation, which delivers more than £500 million to charities annually, has been producing the CAF World Giving Index since 2010. For this year’s report, more than 146,000 people were surveyed in 139 countries.

44% of Armenian reported having helped a stranger over the preceding month, and only 12% donated money.

In the global ranking, Armenia is rated 120th, followed by Russia in the 124th, Azerbaijan in the 126th, Georgia in the 135th, as Iran made it to the top 20 and placed the 17th.

Meanwhile, Myanmar retains its crown as the world’s most generous country for the fourth year in a row.