September 12, 2017 - 11:45 AMT
EU lawmakers want abolished roaming charges for some EaP states

EU lawmakers are pushing for an end to international data roaming charges between the EU and Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, RFE/RL reports.

According to a draft report of the European Parliament's recommendations to other EU institutions such as the European Commission and the European Council regarding the Eastern Partnership (EaP) in the run-up to the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels in November, the chamber wants "an attractive 'EaP+' model for associated countries" that could include such things as "additional unilateral tariff preferences, the abolition of roaming tariffs between the partners and the EU, and the development of high-capacity broadband."

The paper, which was seen by RFE/RL, also states that the EaP+ model could be offered to the other three Eastern Partnership countries -- Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Belarus -- "once they are ready for such enhanced commitments."

The European Union abolished roaming charges for its 28 member states in June after over a decade of legislative and political wrangling