September 12, 2017 - 16:16 AMT
Armenia condemns militant attack in Egypt's Sinai

Armenia on Tuesday, September 12 strongly condemns the terrorist attack by Islamic State militants on a security convoy in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Monday, which left 18 soldiers killed and seven others wounded.

"We strongly condemn the terrorist attack on a security convoy in Sinai. Our condolences to the families of victims," Armenia's embassy in Egypt said in a tweet.

Police and military officials said roadside bombs destroyed and set ablaze four armoured vehicles and a fifth one carrying signal jamming equipment. The gunmen later opened fire with assault weapons and commandeered a police pickup truck.

Monday's attack was the deadliest against security forces since July when IS attacked a remote army outpost in the border town of Rafah, killing 23 soldiers. That was the deadliest attack in two years.