September 14, 2017 - 17:16 AMT
Henrikh Mkhitaryan finally unleashed his elegant beast: Tribal Football

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has finally unleashed his elegant beast mode upon the English top-flight, Tribal Football said, adding that the Armenia international is the key to Manchester United's success this season.

The article reminds how prior to the 2015/16 season, Mkhitaryan was one of Europe's lesser known midfield maestros - somewhat of an on-his-day, but quality footballer whose 'days' were phenomenal, "so it came as somewhat of a shock when he did what he did for Dortmund and piqued the interest of 'the biggest club in the world'."

Apart from the assists, his overall play has been nothing short of sublime as he's brilliantly linked up with (Romelu) Lukaku so far this season who looks set to enjoy a Henry/Bergkamp-esque partnership with the Armenia international," the article says.

The ex-Dortmund man makes United tick, in a way arguably no player has since their last Premier League title winning season.

With five assists to his name already, you can only wonder how many goals Mkhitaryan will go on to create this season in and beyond the Premier League, but from the looks of things, its poised to be a silverware-winning tally.

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