October 12, 2017 - 11:47 AMT
Renée Fleming says Armenian concert was 'amazing'

American soprano Renée Fleming has said in a recent interview that her concert at Yerevan's Opera and Ballet Theater in Armenia was amazing.

Fleming has been at the forefront of classical music for three decades, performing at leading opera houses and concert halls across the globe.

Asked by Phindie how she is selecting materials for her recitals, the artist said her current program is quite a serious one.

"The tour I’m on now in Europe has included a concert in Armenia, which was amazing; a concert in Brussels; and now I’m in Paris. Then I’m doing the concert in Philadelphia and a concert at Carnegie Hall, so that’s kind of the group here. Because of New York and Paris, I had to try and absorb a lot of new music," she said.

The four-time Grammy winner had come to Armenia to congratulate the Opera and Ballet Theater on its 85th birthday.