October 30, 2017 - 13:42 AMT
Obama to reportedly show up for jury duty in Illinois

Former President Barack Obama reportedly plans to show up for jury duty next month after being called to serve in Cook County, Illinois, the Huffington Post reports.

“He made it crystal clear to me through his representative that he would carry out his public duty as a citizen and resident of this community,” Tim Evans, chief judge of the Cook County Circuit Court, told the Chicago Tribune.

Obama is registered to vote in Illinois because he owns a property in Chicago. His family also owns an $8.1 million home in Washington, D.C., where they currently reside.

“Obviously we will make certain that he has all the accoutrements that accompany a former president,” Evans said. “His safety will be uppermost in our minds.”

It’s not known which courthouse Obama has been summoned to ― nor the exact date. Despite his reported willingness to serve, The Hill notes that he’s “unlikely to be selected” to actually sit on a jury.

Obama has yet to comment.

Court officials in Cook County previously summoned Obama in late 2009 for jury duty. As The Guardian notes, however, he did not attend due to the small matter of running the country.