March 24, 2018 - 11:45 AMT
Rarely-seen combat vehicle seen rolling into final push for East Ghouta

On Friday, March 23 afternoon, the Syrian army took full control of the district town of Ayn Tarma in Damascus’ East Ghouta region after an almost two-day battle, Al-Masdar News says.

On the same day that Ayn Tarma fell, Ahrar al-Sham fighters were fully evacuated from Harasta, leaving the town to the Syrian army and rebel forces in the districts of Jobar, Zamalka, Hazzah and Arbeen sued for peace with the Syrian government.

Whilst events further north in Douma city might yet take on a full military character, it appears that the insurgent presence there will be mostly sorted through diplomatic means at this point.

The Syrian Ministry of Defence has released a video showing government tanks in action during what was mostly likely the final major push (again, pending events in Douma) of the Syrian Army’s East Ghouta campaign; appearing several times in the footage is a BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

Photo. AFP