April 22, 2018 - 13:13 AMT
Armenian Prime Minister and opposition negotiations failed, leader of opposition is captured by police

Armenian police made a decision to disperse the demonstrations against ex-president and Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan which continuing for 10 days.

During today’s demonstrations the main leader of the movement, MP Nikol Pashinyan as well as MP Sasun Mikayelyan and dozens of other protesters were taken to police stations.

Earlier negotiations between Sargsyan and Pashinyan which barely lasted for 5 minutes took place.

During the meeting Pashinyan stated that only the question of Sargsyan’s resignation can be discussed. Sargsyan answered that Pashinyan does not realize the amount of responsibility and had not learnt lessons from the events of March 1 (mass protests that followed the president elections in 2008, where 10 people were killed).

As an answer to that Pashinyan stated that Sargsyan does not control the situation anymore and that the “the power has been passed to the people”. Sargsyan answered that Pashinyan does not have the right to talk in the name of the people and left.

After the meeting the protesters moved towards one of the districts of Yerevan where the police attacked the crowd and captured Pashinyan and other participants of the movement.