May 15, 2018 - 17:55 AMT
South Damascus: Syrian forces advance into Islamic State pocket

Clashes continue to rip through the Islamic State-held districts in southern Damascus as the Syrian forces score fresh advance.

The Syrian army – backed by paramilitary fighters – managed to liberate new areas inside the IS-controlled parts of the Yarmouk Refugee Camp along the strategic 30th Street amid heavy fights against IS militants on Tuesday, May 15.

The recently-recaptured areas include al-Aqsa Mosque, al-Naqab neighbor along with several building blocks.

The recent advance puts the Syrian army a few hundred meters away from the army units stationed at the northern flank of Hajar Aswad neighborhood, where the extremist group risks a total siege.

Photos below, taken by a fighter in the Palestinian Aqsa Shield Forces, show the recently-liberated areas.