June 22, 2018 - 18:11 AMT
Many American Armenians want to repatriate, Glendale Mayor says

Many Armenians living in the United States are going to return to Armenia, Glendale Mayor Zareh Sinanyan told a press conference on Friday, June 22.

According to him, the last revelations by the National Security Service and the Armenian police have inspired many, Sputnik Armenia reports.

"Of course, the residents of Armenia were directly affected by corruption, but the fact that justice triumphs is very important for the Diaspora," Sinanyan said.

There is one more category of U.S.-based Armenians who want to return, Sinanyan said, citing, in particular, low-income citizens.

Not everyone in America is rich, he said, and many, especially people of retirement age, would like to spend their old age in their homeland.

"It is difficult for them to live on the state pension, but in Armenia they can live well with that money. These people are also thinking about repatriation today," Sinanyan said.

The Mayor stressed that the number of repatriates will also grow with the deepening of the processes of democratization.