September 18, 2018 - 15:03 AMT
New York Times recommends café founded by Armenians in Istanbul

In a new article published on Tuesday, September 18, The New York Times recommends a café it says was founded by Armenians about a century ago.

According to travel columnist Lucas Peterson, Baylan - founded by an Armenian immigrant in 1923 - is the place to go for a sleek, classic atmosphere.

"Sitting on its outdoor patio, I enjoyed a kup griy, a decadent, sundae-like chalice of vanilla and caramel ice cream, swimming in caramel and served with a cookie," Peterson says.

The article focuses on the Asian side of the Turkish city, which is often overlooked by travelers. However, the author says it provides plenty of charms — and a better chance to get maximum enjoyment from a minimal amount of lira.