November 13, 2018 - 13:30 AMT
Russian FSB suspects Azerbaijani journalist of espionage

The Federal Security Service of Russia suspects that Azerbaijani journalist Namik Hasanov who works in Moscow, maintains contacts with foreign intelligence services, Hasanov himself has said, according to

According to him, he worked for various Russian and Azerbaijani media in the past eight years. In 2016-2018, he was the correspondent of one of the news agencies.

Returning to Baku after a regular visit, he learned at the Russian-Azerbaijani border that the FSB had sent a letter in suspicion of espionage. At the same time, the police major said that he only received such letters twice throughout his practice. One of them concerned the famous crime boss.

Hasanov was than escorted to the Azerbaijani side and warned that should he return to Russia, he will immediately be arrested.

Hasanov thought the incident was some kind of absurd mistake and sent a letter to the head of the FSB, General Alexander Bortnikov. Absolutely nothing was clarified in the FSB's response letter though, but the reply itself confirmed that the journalist is denied entry to Russia.

Hasanov learnt through unofficial channels that the FSB suspects him of repeated contacts with employees of foreign special services.