November 19, 2018 - 14:42 AMT
Armenian refugees from Baku being driven out of Moscow residence

Armenian refugees from Baku are driven out of the old building of Altai Hotel in Moscow where they have been living for 30 years.

5 Armenians have been held hostage in their hotel rooms after a new owner appeared. They were then asked to leave the room where they had lived for three decades, Novaya Gazeta reports.

According to the publication, relatives and other refugees from Baku living next door bring food for those inside the hotel.

The building is currently being renovated.

One of the Armenians, 64-year-old Boris Ayrapetyan said that refugees living in the building have a court decision authorizing a permanent residence. Also, they were told in the passport office that it confirms that the refugees live in the place legally.

Having left the room earlier, they nevertheless managed to return and are now unable to go anywhere as they will not be able to access the building any more.

Photo: «Новая газета»