February 28, 2019 - 18:43 AMT
Marriage is more stressful than raising a family: study

According to a study, making a marriage work is actually twice as stressful as raising a family, Marie Claire magazine says.

The University of Padova found that 75% of female participants admitted that they take on the majority of the parenting and household duties, and one in five revealed that they were the most stressed when they didn’t feel supported by their other half.

The research also suggests that a man’s health deteriorates when their significant other passes away, whereas women actually become healthier when they lose the one they love because they handle stress better.

Lead researcher Dr Caterina Trevisan of the University of Padova said: ‘Widows cope better than widowers with the stress deriving from the loss of a partner.’

Talking to The Telegraph, Dr Caterina explained: "Since women generally have a longer lifespan than men, married women may also suffer from the effects of caregiver burden, since they often devote themselves to caring for their husband in later life."

She continued: "Widows cope better than widowers with the stress deriving from the loss of a partner and widowhood, with a significant increase in the risk of depression only in the latter.

"Many studies have shown that women are less vulnerable to depression than men in widowhood, probably because they have greater coping resources and are better able to express their emotions.

"These aspects may help to explain the lower risk of exhaustion seen in single women, who are likewise more socially integrated than single men, and consequently less exposed to frailty."