April 27, 2019 - 11:20 AMT
Russian Air Force unleashed massive assault on southwestern Idlib

The Russian Air Force has unleashed a new round of airstrikes on Friday, April 26 night, targeting several areas in the southwestern countryside of the Idlib Governorate, Al-Masdar News reports.

Led by their Sukhoi jets, the Russian Air Force hammered the Al-Ghaab Plain, hitting a number of militant sites inside the towns of Amqiyah and Amqaka.

According to a military source in nearby Hama, the Russian Air Force was targeting sites belonging to the militants of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham.

The attack on southwestern Idlib tonight comes just 24 hours after Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham attempted to bomb the Russian Hmeimim Airbase in southwestern Latakia.

The militant drone strikes were ultimately repelled by the Russian Air Force before the bombs could reach the Hmeimim Airbase.

Photo. Reuters