July 9, 2019 - 18:41 AMT
Ameriabank launches unified platform for primary market cars

Ameriabank has launched a primary market car sales platform at Automarket.ameriabank.am, which gives customers the chance to easily find the car they prefer which also fits into their budget.

More than 150 vehicles of 24 brands are currently offered on the website by 20 dealers.

After choosing the model they prefer, customers can then submit an online application for a loan by filling in minimum contact information.

A representative of the bank will contact the customer within one working day to discuss the details of the lending process and conditions.

By entering the preferred monthly payment amount on the platform, users then get the corresponding vehicle options.

The platform also offers multifunctional search options ոհիցհ allow using filters to find the vehicle by model, sub-model, date of manufacture, and technical parameters of the machine.

Another of the peculiarities of the platform is the availability of a simple loan calculator, through which visitors can calculate the amount of their monthly payment, indicating the preferred loan duration and prepayment size.

Visitors to the site can see complete contact information about the dealer and learn more about the loan process by visiting the Terms page.