August 16, 2019 - 18:13 AMT
SOAD bassist still hopes the band will make new records

"System of a Down" bassist Shavo Odadjian has been quite hopeful that the band would eventually get back together and in a new interview with Eddie Trunk, that hope still resides inside of him.

He says all the members get along great outside of the business of the band and that ultimately, vocalist Serj Tankian can't be agreeable on new music.

"We haven’t made a record for 12 years. We do play live still, we do tour; not as often as I would like to, but I am blessed for being able to still do it. When we’re put together, the four of us, we’re not hating on each other. We hang out, we have a good time. It’s just – we haven’t made music together, which is kind of frustrating; I’ll be honest, ’cause I know we can make the bomb music together," Shavo says.

“In my world, man, why it isn’t happening is a big question. I think we can get over anything ’cause it’s not like someone’s done anything so horrible that we can’t get over it – ain’t nothing like that. It’s just creative differences that are lasting a little too long for me, for my taste. It’s been so long. I don’t even remember why we’re not going in there at this point, you know what I mean?”