August 27, 2019 - 13:57 AMT
Second Armenian mission has so far de-mined 49,000m2 in Syria

The second group of Armenian specialists who are carrying out a humanitarian mission in Syria have de-mined a total area of 48,967 square meters in the Middle-Eastern country between June 8 and August 25.

In the reporting period, 2420 people received medical treatment and assistance, including 598 at the UN Charity Center for Gynecology and Pediatrics.

The first humanitarian mission consisted of sappers, doctors and security specialists, and was sent to the Syrian Arab Republic (Aleppo) on February 8, 2019. The Armenian specialists began humanitarian activities in those areas of Aleppo where military operations were not carried out in order to de-mine the area, raise awareness of the threats coming from mines and provide medical services.