September 18, 2019 - 10:22 AMT
VivaCell-MTS offers twice as much Internet to “Data” subscribers

VivaCell-MTS offers subscribing to "Data 3500" or "Data 5500" tariff plan and getting twice as much Internet per month (30 GB instead of 15 GB, 80 GB instead of 40 GB).

By subscribing for 18 months, users can get a new Wi-Fi router for free.

And the monthly Internet package within “Data 7500” and “Data 10500” tariff plans for both new and current subscribers will make respectively 140 GB instead of 65 GB, and 200 GB instead of 100 GB.

In the event of “Data 3500” and “Data 5500” tariff plans, the offer is available only to new 12-month or 18-month subscribers.