February 12, 2020 - 18:55 AMT
Tribute to Charles Aznavour traveling to Dubai

A musical celebration honoring the legendary French-Armenian crooner Charles Aznavour will be held in Dubai on February 13 and 14, The National reports.

Aznavour is one of the world's most enduring and romantic troubadours. The late French-Armenian singer had a career spanning seven decades, during which he recorded more than 1,200 songs in nine languages.

Now, some of those songs will sound in the UAE on Valentine’s Day, in a performance that is a tribute to the legendary singer.

Formidable! Aznavour is at Dubai Opera for three shows. The performance will transport the audience to the streets of Paris during its Bohemian era.

What makes Formidable! an official Aznavour tribute is that it was given the green light by the singer himself.

Gil Marsalla, producer and director of the show, and Jules Grison, who will take on the role of Aznavour, met the legendary singer in New York after his 2016 Madison Square Garden show. “It was very important to us that we had his blessing,” Marsalla says. “We presented the project to him, and told him it was a celebration of his music and his career. I’m proud to say that he was very supportive.”

Grison will be singing Aznavour’s songs with a five-piece band playing everything from the accordion to drums and double bass. He says their first tour in Canada was one of the most memorable performances of the show since it opened in France in 2016.