February 20, 2020 - 18:56 AMT
Amsterdam could move red light district indoors

Amsterdam is considering moving part of its red light district indoors to an “erotic” complex where prostitutes no longer beckon customers through street-front windows that often attract rowdy tourists, The Guardian reports.

In plans released on Wednesday, February 20, the Dutch city said the complex could include a bed and breakfast for prostitutes as well as a sex club, sex theater and cafes.

The Amsterdam city council said the two choices mooted are a sex hotel or an “erotic center” which will be a “sex hotel plus, plus, plus”.

“All in all, a prostitution hotel with indoor windows or an erotic center is the most obvious choice,” the city council said in a statement.

“These options have the most advantages and the fewest disadvantages,” it said in the statement.

The erotic center will not just cater to pleasures of the flesh but also house a beauty salon, a hair dresser and a tanning studio.