May 19, 2020 - 16:53 AMT
Armenia: Asymptomatic Covid-19 patients will self-isolate at home

Coronavirus patients showing no symptoms will be told to self-isolate at home, Armenian Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said on Facebook Tuesday, May 19.

"In a few days, hundreds of people who test positive for coronavirus but have no symptoms at all or have mild symptoms, will return home to self-isolate there, while the newly-diagnosed ones will not be isolated in hotels or hospitals," Torosyan said.

The Health Minister said that the responsibility of treating asymptomatic Covid-19 patients will rest with the health professionals enrolled in the primary healthcare system.

The decision comes amid the soaring number of new coronavirus infections in the country. Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Armenia grew by 218 to reach 5041 on Tuesday. So far, 2164 people have recovered, 64 have died from the coronavirus in the country, while 25 others carrying the virus have died from other causes.