April 30, 2009 - 23:29 AMT
Russia failed to persuade NATO to cancel military trainings in Georgia
As a result of the first RF-NATO session held after the August war, Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's permanent representative in NATO, declared that he failed in his efforts to persuade NATO to cancel May 2009 military trainings in Georgia.

As mentioned by Rogozin, the question of conducting NATO trainings in Georgia was raised by them in the context of discussing the Russian southern borders' security within the frameworks of the final document "contradicting the country's interests" in many points. The permanent representative noted that such context also existed in the NATO development concept.

Arguing Dmitry Rogozin's statement, his colleagues noted that the trainings will be conducted within the frames of "Partnership for Peace" program; they were planned beforehand, and pose no threat to Russia's security. "Partners and colleagues do not sound convincing in their arguments," he told the press. "It's not proper time for conducting such trainings. We rely on our partners' common sense. We consider any sabre-rattling on Abkhazian and South Caucasian borderline an act of provocation."

RF permanent representative in NATO characterized the alliance as "blinded rhinoceros" creating problems for neighbors. "We await additional explanations to obstinate attitude demonstrated during the Russia-NATO session," he said.