March 31, 2011 - 17:16 AMT
Armenia’s seismic service far from predicting earthquakes

The seismic service at Armenian Ministry of Extraordinary situations is still far from predicting earthquakes, according to a geophysicist, Geological Sciences Doctor, the head of Garni geophysical observatory at Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences.

As Leonid Hakhverdyan stated at Yerevan-Moscow- Kishinev-Tbilisi TV spacebridge on quakeproof construction, there were only a few cases in international practice when it was possible to predict an earthquake and take necessary precautions.

As he noted, there are more chances to predict an earthquake in Armenia, seismologists being aware of earthquake centers.

The expert stressed the necessity of constructing earthquake proof buildings in prevention of a catastrophe, as well as the need to conduct new seismic response studies in CIS states, including Armenia.