May 14, 2011 - 15:10 AMT
Ticket sales for Eurovision 2011 final break all records

Representative of the European Broadcasting Union Jarmo Siim said that ticket sales for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 taking place from May 10-14 in Dusseldorf broke all records.

“10,000 people are accredited for the concert, 35,000 tickets were sold for the final of the song contest. There were less people at the semifinals, but if tickets sold for the semifinals and final are summed up, it will turn out that Eurovision 2011 is the most large-scale ever,” RIA Novosti quoted Siim as saying.

Armenia’s Emmy was knocked out of Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in the May 10 seminal, although her performance of Boom Boom song was met warmly by the audience at Arena stadium.

The May 14 final participants are: France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Russia, Switzerland, Georgia, Finland, Iceland, Hungary, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Austria, Ukraine, Moldova, Sweden, Slovenia, Romania, Estonia, Denmark and Ireland.

The event will kick off with Finland’s performance. Viewers can cast votes by SMS or phone, which count for 50 percent of the contestants' final score. The other 50 percent are determined by panels of juries selected by each nation.