July 30, 2011 - 17:14 AMT
Azerbaijan tried to impede symposium of sculpture in Shushi

Azerbaijan tried to impede the work of Hakob Gyurjyan first international symposium of sculpture in Shushi, which Italian specialists were engaged in.

As Narekatsi Union of Arts reports, Italian sculptors received letters with threats saying Azerbaijan did not give them rights to encroach on the territory of NKR.

“The letter sent from the Azerbaijani Embassy in Italy says that if I arrive in Artsakh an action will be commenced,” photographer Lapo Cali said.

Hakob Gyurjyan first international symposium of sculpture took place in Shushi from July 17-28.

15 Italian sculptures created compositions from limestone, to be located in different corners of the city.

The compositions will boost development of sculpture and capital building of Shushi and will return it bygone fame and status of cultural center, according to sculptor Vigen Avetis.

“The idea of peace, freedom and struggle are dominating in the sculptures. From the first sight it is notable that these sculptures defer from Armenian sculptors’ works by style and spirit, they are designed to change architectural environment of Shushi,” the sculptor said.

Results of the symposium will be included into the catalogue in three languages: Armenian, Italian and English, the author of which is Professor Gerardo Lo Russo, Rector of Rome Academy of Arts. Studio Quagli Italian cinema studio will shoot a documentary film on cultural heritage of Artsakh and Shushi to be screened over Rai 1.