Kocharian: Armenians in Russia and Russians in Armenia Cannot Be Aliens

PanARMENIAN.Net - "The Year of the Republic of Armenia in the Russian Federation is the evidence of the high level of interaction between our states. It also offers the possibility to express deep mutual sympathy proceeding from spiritual community of our nations," Armenian President Robert Kocharian stated at the opening ceremony of the Year of Armenia in Russia. "Last year was the Year of Russia in Armenia. It considerably activated cooperation between our states at all levels. Active political dialogue was held, economic ties strengthened, commodity turnover grew. New direct contacts between the regions and towns our states were established," the Armenian leader added. In his words, the festival of Russian culture has become a true holiday for the Armenian people and the audience will for long time remember the performances of the best Russian creative groups. "We are grateful to the Russian party for the realization of an interesting and rich program. For its part Armenia will exert every effort to maintain the rate achieved. Various events of economic, humanitarian and cultural nature have been planned. We hope they will be interesting for the Russian people," Robert Kocharian said.

In his words, Russia and Armenia build their relationships in the spirit of strategic partnership and allied relations what demands trust, predictability and reliability. "Our partnership should be guided by the logic of lasting interaction. For about two centuries the relationships between our nations have developed within a united state. This certainly claimed the highest level of mutual engagement in everything. Our literature and culture, achievements in science and economy are imbued with it. It is also the brotherhood in arms hardened in many wars. It is obvious that a firm cultural fundament has been laid. During recent 15 years our relations bear international nature. We should ask ourselves whether we do enough to develop the potential accumulated by many generations. Don't we lose anything important due to inexorable globalization and pragmatism of the market? We would like the Year of Armenia in Russia to become a real step towards the consolidation of our partnership," the RA leader stressed. In his words, this possibility should be used for raising the awareness of the young post-soviet generation, which should become the bearer of age-old traditions.

"Diasporas can appear as an important factor for the development of our relations. They positive resource is huge and we should search for efficient instruments for its realization. We should exclude ugly expressions of national intolerance not characteristic for our nations. Armenians in Russia and Russians in Armenia cannot be aliens. Numerous Armenian Diaspora lives in Russia and it makes its contribution to the present and future of the country. Armenians are harmoniously integrated in the Russian society and this is the achievement of Russia. In conclusion and would like to thank the organizers of the events and congratulate all with the opening of the Year of Armenia in Russia. On behalf of all the Armenian citizens let me wish peace, happiness and prosperity to Russia and its people," Robert Kocharian resumed.
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