Erdogan: Turkish military activity against Kurds will start when time comes

PanARMENIAN.Net - Speaking yesterday to reporters about Turkish military activity along the border with northern Iraq, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "These things all have a certain procedure. We will take whatever steps are necessary at the right time."

Erdogan continued: "Today a foreign news agency announced that Turkey was involved in an over-the-border operation. Later, these reports were denied. What is it that is desired with these sorts of reports? If actions based in northern Iraq and aimed at our country don't make us uncomfortable, who will they make uncomfortable? There is no argument between our administration and the military's General Staff on this front. If there are to be over-the-border operation steps taken, we will first enter into talks with our security forces, and then it will be carried to the Parliament. If a request comes from the armed forces, we will not stand in front of them. What the time comes, we will do what is needed."

Erdogan also reiterated that he would not speak directly with the Kurdish leader Mesud Barzani, noting "Our point of address is not the Kurdish leaders there, it is the central Baghdad administration. I met with the President and Prime Minister of Iraq," Hurriyet newspaper reports.
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