May 10, 2012 - 16:59 AMT
Expert: police not interested in iDitord forgery records

Police launched investigation into two cases registered at online iDitord platform which aimed to record electoral fraud, media expert, iDitord coordinator Samvel Martirosyan said on May 10.

Martirosyan said he does not know the exact number of launched cases, adding he has seen these two on the police website.

According to director of Transparency International anti-corruption center, iDitord coordinator Sona Ayzavyan, police is not much interested in electoral violations identified through the platform.

“We got a report on electoral bribery in the election office of the Republican Party of Armenia in Vanadzor. We informed the police, but they did not take any measures at the moment. And only today we learned that police officers are leaving for Vanadzor to look into the case,” she told the journalists on May 10.

Martirosyan agrees with Ayzavyan in this, saying that unlike the police, Armenia’s Defense Ministry demonstrated much interest towards violations.

“Defense Ministry showed interest in every single report, asked where the case was registered and tracked it,” Martirosyan said.