April 15, 2013 - 18:30 AMT
Russian air companies lower Yerevan-Moscow ticket prices

A number of Russian air companies lowered Yerevan-Moscow-Yerevan ticket prices, as a result of negotiations with General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia (GDCA).

Yerevan-Moscow (Sheremetyevo airport)-Yerevan ticket price by Aeroflot Russian Airlines totaled AMD 187,158 (USD 450) before Armavia’s bankruptcy, with AMD 203,292 (USD 489) price set starting April 2. However, AMD 159,860 (USD 384) was set starting April 9 as a result of negotiations.

According to GDCA, Siberia Airlines also reconsidered its pricing strategy, with AMD 158,510 (USD 381) ticket price to replace AMD 187,993 (USD 452) starting April 13 for Yerevan-Moscow (Domodedovo airport) flight.

Transaero Airlines announced price upsurge by AMD 5 thous. (USD 12). Armavia national carrier declared itself bankrupt starting April 1.