October 14, 2013 - 16:32 AMT
Armenian church in Turkish province turned into cattle shed

A historic Armenian church in the village of Germuş, south-eastern Turkey's Şanlıurfa Province was turned into a cattle shed, hyetert.com said.

The church was reconstructed by Armenians 10 years ago, however, 3 years ago, instead of becoming a tourist destination, the church was turned into a cattle shed, according to urfadabugun.com.

A 3-language sign installed at the entrance of the church tells the story of the building, yet the place is far from being a tourist zone.

The village of Germuş was a home to a number of Armenians before 1915. Yet modern villagers never stopped excavating the land in search of treasures allegedly hidden underground.

Photo: urfadabugun.com