October 17, 2014 - 19:21 AMT
New book on Genocide to be sent to Turkish leaders

On October 17, the Director of the Armenian Genocide Museum, Doctor of Historical Sciences Hayk Demoyan hosted a presentation of his book “Armenian Genocide: Frontpage Coverage in the World Press”.

The illustrated volume, released in Armenian and English languages, contains reports of the British, French, American, Italian, Russian, Austrian, Czech, German and Norwegian media on the crime against humanity committed in the Ottoman Empire.

The Genocide Museum and Demoyan himself spent 6 years to gather from the world press of 19-20th centuries the materials detailing the atrocities, published on the front pages.

During the presentation, Demoyan signed 3 copies of the book to be sent to Turkish President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. "From now on, all publications on the Armenian Genocide will be sent to the above-mentioned addressees," he said.

The publication was sponsored by Ameria Group of Companies.

"This book is the expression of our gratitude to the countries and people who lent a helping hand to Armenians. Sponsorship in the publication of the book was a matter of honor to Ameria. It's been our 3rd collaboration with the Genocide Museum and we're proud with the partnership. As Hemingway says, the bell tolls for all, it is in the heart of each of us, and this book can let other people hear it who study our history," Ameria Development Director Tigran Jrbashyan said .