May 27, 2015 - 14:31 AMT
Samsung patents dock that turns phone into laptop

Samsung appears to be exploring the possibility of launching a laptop-shaped phone dock that turns your handset into a dual-OS computer, Digital Spy reports.

The Korean tech giant has filed a patent for an accessory called a 'laptop dock' that relies on a smartphone for its processing and task-handling.

The dock takes the form of a standard laptop with a space above the keyboard where a phone slots in.

Once the smartphone is in position, the accessory will fire up the larger display and switch to a desktop operating system, such as Windows.

The docked smartphone will charge up and could even serve as a touchpad while the user is working in laptop mode.

Samsung has previously dabbled in dual-OS hardware with the launch of its hybrid ATIV Q tablet, but it is yet to be confirmed whether it will move ahead with its plans to develop the laptop dock.