January 14, 2016 - 12:13 AMT
Samsung Galaxy S7 video render predicts handset's design

Samsung is a leaky ship these days, so we already have a good idea how the forthcoming Galaxy S7 will look ahead of its launch in the coming weeks. Twitter tipster @OnLeaks has pored over those leaks and put together a video render predicting the handset's design, Digital Spy reports.

The end result is a device with a similar look to the Galaxy S6, which comes as no surprise given that the current-generation phone earned plaudits for its premium form factor.

However, there are subtle changes like a curvier metal frame, while button, port and sensor replacement is unchanged.

Although the Galaxy S7 is expected to be an incremental upgrade on the design front, reports suggest it will have a few tricks up its metal and glass sleeve, including a pressure-sensitive display, a USB Type-C port and a reinstated microSD input.

Samsung is likely to announce the handset at the Mobile World Congress next month.

Photo: GizmoChina