February 9, 2007 - 14:13 AMT
Kirakossian doesn't think Armenia may face complete isolation
Conclusion of an agreement on the Kars-Akhalkalaki-Baku railroad is an urgent problem for the Armenian diplomacy, RA Deputy Foreign Minister Arman Kirakossian told a news conference in Yerevan. "Turkey calls the project "Ankara-Baku trunk railway." Actually, it's a continuation of Turkey's policy targeted at Armenia's isolation. To counterbalance the project Armenia should reinforce activities within international structures to prevent any financing by the U.S., EU or other interested bodies," he said adding the project is first of all a political one. "It's profitable for Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan but I don't think Armenia may face complete isolation. We have railway communication with Georgia and Iran as an outlet to the world markets," Kirakossian said.