May 4, 2016 - 17:56 AMT
The Mirror Trap indie rock band unveil video for “Piranhas”

Being given the seal of approval by Placebo is great way for any band to kickstart their career, but not only were The Mirror Trap discovered by Brian Molko and co in their native Scotland, but were invited on the road with them. A huge boost it may have been, but the truth is that the power and passion behind The Mirror Trap's music ranks them as special in their own right. Now is their time to seize the spotlight, Gigwise said.

"'Piranhas' is a song about fear," says frontman Gary Moore of the track. "I had a job I hated, and I got drunk to try and forget about it. I felt numb and helpless. I'm sure it's a similar story for many people. I knew that it would never be any of life’s great wonders that pulled me down, just all the little meaningless things, all the small bites, the circling piranhas pulling at my flesh. This song is a scream of frustration and the starting point on a road to change.

"The video for 'Piranhas' was the brain child of director Stuart Breadner. There have been mixed reactions to early viewings, some people thought it was a bit too extreme, and that its violent conclusion goes too far, while others, including myself, found it to be the perfect visual accompaniment to the song."

He continues: "We live in a society where the piss stream of neo-liberalism flows unchecked into every aspect of life. Competition is encouraged and forced upon us. It is survival of the fittest. We have to compete in schools, at work, in love, there is no place for compassion or community. The weak are to be mercilessly crushed.

"I think this video is a sort of ultimate conclusion of that idea. The youngest son must fight to death while the blood thirsty family looks on, it's not dressed up or subdued in any way, if the world must be organised like this then let's show it in its purest and most brutal form."