May 27, 2016 - 15:50 AMT
Piece of debris found in Mozambique “likely from MH370”

Experts following the disappearance of MH370 say it is likely that a new piece of debris found on a Mozambique beach came from the missing plane, BBC News reports.

Luca Kuhn von Burgsdorff contacted the BBC on Thursday to say he found the fragment on the Macaneta peninsula.

The authorities have been notified. The piece must be examined by the official investigation team in Australia.

Experts say it is consistent with where previous pieces of debris from the missing plane have been found, BBC says.

Von Burgsdorff took two photographs of the item on 22 May, and sent them to the BBC after reading a story on Thursday about other debris finds in the region.

He said the pieces were "reasonably light, did not have metal on the outside, and looked extremely similar to photos posted on the internet of other pieces of debris from aeroplanes."

Clearly, the piece needs to be confirmed by experts, but people who know their stuff tell me it looks like it might be.

It certainly has the honeycombing and rivet holes they'd expect. And it was found in the right sort of place, a beach in Mozambique, BBC says.

Don Thompson, a British engineer who is part of an informal international group investigating MH370, said the piece found by von Burgsdorff "does look like it's part of Boeing 777", most like a leading or trailing edge closing panel from the wing or tail.

"It's in the right area where debris is expected to wash up," he told the BBC, saying it indicated the accuracy of drift models which show how debris might have moved from the crash site.

But he said such discoveries were "getting pretty routine", and more finds were likely to be made public.